Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Raspberry PI - Sdcard corrupted for being lazy

Months ago after i decided to get a new SDcard with less GBS, i didn't want to go through reconfiguring my raspberry pi with arch linux, so i tried 2 things:

A) Make a backup using rsync so i could just copy all files over to the new sdcard -> Half worked.

B) Copy over using spacefm, just like regular files -> Didn't work

With option A i was able to boot and it was perfect, but i didn't had any programs (according to pacman) so i decided to reinstall everything that was installed before. It worked and it took like 1 hour to get everything up again.

In the end, my raspberry had a kernel update and it just ..corrupted the sdcard after a clean legit reboot.

Don't be lazy, make a new sdcard img, it will save you the trouble of having to reinstall everything later.

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