Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Raspberry pi B+ and ArkOS 6.0 Panoply

I've received a new raspberry pi b+, as a gift from my brother. First of all, it uses the same power supply as old pi, 4 usbs and better power management.

Instead of using Arch linux ARM (the one that i'm using on raspberry pi b), I've decided to give ArkOS a try.

Just had to download latest .img from this zip: (for different devices and links, md5 check

and flashed with terminal using:

dd bs=1m if=/arkosLOCATION/arkos.iso of=/dev/mmcblk0 (or the name of your sdcard, you can get it with lsblk command) 

Becarefull or you might erase your whole HDD with this.

There's a installer for windows, mac and ubuntu, check for more information, it only works for raspberry pi.

After that, just connected the raspberry pi with the micro sd card and ethernet cable. For the setup just had to join http://localipaddressofraspberry:8000 on my browser, it will look like this:

Click start then fill the information in:

Fill the information as you may need and then on Step 4, here's the latest plugins available (you can just add them by selecting them with a click):

Basic Website - Upload your own HTML/PHP files. Version 2
Calendar - Host your own calendar and contacts (CalDAV/CardDAV) sync server. Version 0.5
Chat (XMPP) - Host your own chat/IM server. Version 0.1
Etherpad - Collaborative Text Editing. Version 1.4.0-2
File Sync BETA - Sync shared folders across devices with Syncthing. Version 0.3
Fileshares (SMB) - Add, remove and manage Windows (SMB/CIFS) network fileshares. Version 0.1
Ghost - Host a blog with ghost. Version 0.4.2-4
Gitweb - Browse git repositories using a web browser. Version 2.0.0-2
Jekyll - Run a statically-generated website or blog. Version 1.1
Mailserver - Host your email server and accounts. Version 0.2
NodeJS - Extension functions for NodeJS applications and websites. Version 0.4
Python - Extension functions for Python applications and websites. Version 0.1
Reverse Proxy - Set up reverse proxies for custom applications. Version 0.1
Ruby - Extension functions for Ruby applications and websites. Version 0.1
SQLite3 - Manage SQLite3 databases. Version 1
SparkleShare - Revision-controlled file storage and sync. Version 0.2
Transmission - Manage Transmission headless Bittorrent client. Version 0.1
Wallabag - Self-hosted app for saving web pages and RSS feeds. Version 1.7.2-1
WordPress - Open-source CMS and blogging platform. Version 3.8.2-1
ownCloud - Host calendar, files, contacts, and sync across devices. Version 7.0.0-1

After that, just click next and you'll get a review of the information inserted (after it resolves and install all dependencies needed for the packages that you selected to install)

Log in with your user and password and you'll get something like this:

I suggest everyone that has a raspberry pi to test it out. Website works flawlessly, you might encounter a bug (i have not) since ArkOS and Genesis are still in the beta phase. Remember that ArkOS is an arch linux arm derivative. If you are running headless (no screen), select the options so GPU memory can be used for optimization.

For more information on development of ArkOS check their roadmap.

If you have any question feel free to post them up, i'll try to help as much as i can.

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