Sunday, February 16, 2014

Raspberry PI

The Raspberry Pi (short: RPi or RasPi) is an ultra-low-cost ($25-$35) credit-card sized Linux computer which was conceived with the primary goal of teaching computer programming to children. It was developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which is a UK registered charity.

I bought this little toy for uploading torrents 24/7, media center and mining Bitcoins (hopefully in a near future).

Items i bought for my raspberry pi:


SD Card:

External HDD:

Wireless Adapter:

Power Supply:

HDMI to VGA adapter:

Installation guide:

Installed Archlinux ARM, it's really smooth and using "omxplayer" it's possible to play videos right from the console, my videos are mostly 720p and they play flawlessly on my 42' TV.

As soon as i get my UPS i'll start leaving it on 24/7. Also here's this nice bash script that i made to manually install (NOT PACMAN) the omxplayer and also uninstall it using the .deb


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