Sunday, October 6, 2013

Arch linux

Well my transition from windows 7 to Arch linux has been awesome, some problems but arch's wiki has been my best friend. Arch community is really helpful and friendly along with arch channel on irc #freenode. 
Here's my latest desktop:

The name of the menu on the right is conky, I've managed to set it up with arch's wiki and some help. It check my emails and display temperature through hddtemp, for checking my emails it uses the python script provided on arch's wiki. 
If you want to set it up (I suppose you have python installed):

sudo pacman -S conky hddtemp

now modify the .conkyrc on ~/ and add this configuration.
now you must add this python script from this link on folder ~/.scripts with name
remember to add execute permissions with 
sudo chmod +x
create empty file with name .conky_script_hddtemp on folder ~/ and add this
remember to add execute permissions with
sudo chmod +x .conky_script_hddtemp

After that, the conky should work, don't forget to add your email information on the script so it can check your emails.

Note: the only works for gmail, search around for hotmail or other clients.

At the moment i'm using openbox, I love it, the customization from the shortcuts are awesome, i have to tweak it a little more, using 4 desktops, hoping to move soon to xmonad

My desktop 1 moth ago:

At that moment was using Enlightenment, it was a little heavy but perhaps I didn't make the right configuration, anyways.

I recommend if you're into trying linux, to try ubuntu or Manjaro, ubuntu is based on debian and Manjaron is based on arch. 

At the end I feel awesome with my desktop, i feel that i own it.

Some programs that I use now:

LibreOffice office package
Evince for pdfs
cmus for music
virtualbox or vmware player for virtual machines
deluge or rtorrent for torrents
GIMP for modifying photos
Sage for mathematical problems
Pspp for statistics

Information about any linux distribution:
Information about programs that are similar or equivalent windows-linux

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